Dave Clarke uoči nastupa na Beck’sperience-u


„Gig“ u Srbiji je poseban

Dave Clarke najavljuje odličnu atmosferu u KPGT-u

Beck’sperience i Lucky Records Showcase pred nastup pionira digitalne ere, večnog Dave Clarke-a, organizovaće prvi „Dave Clark promo party“ u „Studiju 69“ u Bigzu. Delić atmosfere predstojećeg Beck’sperience-a fanovima tehno muzike predstaviće DJ-evi Kobaya, Speedy, Predrag Janus i Vid Marjanović, a goste očekuju nagrade i besplatne ulaznice za predstojeći Becksperience 24. novembra u KPGT-u.

Pred nastup u subotu, 24. novembra od 22.00 u KPGT-u u Beogradu Dave Clarke je najavio: Ljudi u Srbiji osećaju muziku, doživljavaju je strastveno. Oni vole muziku na “ivici”. Moj prvi nastup u Srbiji je bio nezaboravan. Još uvek se priča o tom gig-u” koji je bio zaista poseban.”, i prisećajući se prethodnog nastupa Clarke je najavio žurku u kojoj će dominirati jakbass”!

Više puta biran za najboljeg DJ-a na svetu, poznat po tome što nikada nije jurio trendove, niti se oslanjao na „napumpani“ publicitet i dizanje buke, Clarke ne planira unapred svoje nastupe, već dopušta da ga publika „nosi“. Tako će biti i na Beck’sperience-u. „Očekujte od mene iskrenost i muziku u koju verujem. Na nastupu vidim kako se stvari odvijaju i reagujem u skladu sa tim, ali ću verovatno pred kraj pustiti neki stari soul da zapalimo podijum.”, obećava slavni DJ.

Iako je jedna od najvećih techno legendi, Clarke je uvek bio muzičar sa crtom šarmantnog pankera u duši, kod koga se pronalazi bogatstvo žanrova i stilova.

Karte za nastup Dave Clarke-a mogu da se kupe na sledećim prodajnim mestima: Bilet servis, Beogradska arena, TC Ušće (info pult), Dom omladine, Dom sindikata, knjižare Vulkan, Delfi i Laguna kao i putem web sajtova www.tickets.rs i www.eventim.rs.

U donjem tekstu procitajte originalan intervju sa Dave Clarke-om uoči predstojećeg Beck’sperience-a.

1. How does one deserve a title of the Baron of Techno? And, if you're a baron, who’s the king?

I was given it by the Late John Peel, as for King...I don't believe in royalty ;-)

2.  You will be performing on the upcoming Beck'sperience in Belgrade. What kind of set did you prepare for your Belgrade fans? Are you excited, what are your expectations and what we can expect to get from you? 11. For people who are coming to see you for the first time, what can they expect from your concert experience?

There will be lots of strong bass. That’s for sure. I believe in honesty and music. I never plan a set – I always prefer to see how it goes and respond accordingly. Though I’ll probably start playing some old soul towards the end to fire the floor!

It will be cutting edge music that will hopefully excite as much as challenge, it will be all about the music. Great bass, that is for sure.

3. You stand for groundbreaking and exciting music, so how do you manage to stay fresh and innovative?

I always stand for playing groundbreaking and exciting music, the kind that doesn't appear on the BBC, and playing it to open minded audiences. I also take great enjoyment in breaking artists just for their music alone, not because they are managed by the same manager or agent as me. As long as the music still comes in and excites, being fresh and innovative is easy. But, I will stay true to what I believe in and won’t move due to whimsical insecurities.

4. How do you see the future of electronic music, with some new style and new DJ emerging every day?

That is a very long question despite the small number of words......I worry about the cheesy DJ who just prances behind the decks getting too much attention for the wrong reasons, comedy is great.....if you paid to go to a comedy show. Big challenge for any new DJ today is the right attitude. There’s too much fear and not enough conviction. As for the state of the industry, well just turn that sentence around...to think people are happy for 400 sales when I would have a limited run back in the day of 12-15k vinyl, a mix album could easily sell 100k copies. The days of sustaining a living through making music is nothing but a distant dream for most people. That saddens me immensely, but there are different ways to get through now and the ones that aren't bent are more democratic than before. Now we need to get the collection agencies up to date."

6. Can you tell us what’s on your playlist at home or in your car at the moment, and are you open to listening to different genres of music apart from techno?

I have my old record collection, a lot of old memories from when I was growing up, so a lot of albums when I was growing up in the 80s. I love my old hip-hop but then if you look through my online collection, then it becomes very vast. You have everything from DJ Harvey to absolutely anything.

Just been listening to the new Soft Moon LP, also I'm very into A Place to Bury Strangers, and a little bit sad that Cat Power will not be touring Europe, so you can say that I have wide taste.

8. How do you prepare yourself for live performances and what is a good performance by your definition?

I don't really prepare myself, I have been doing this every week for many years, to prepare is to lose spontaneity in my mind. I want to be instinctive… All beauty in being a DJ is about instinct and going with it. While the whole beauty about making music is about being mathematical and formulas, in the way you put things together which you may not try before, making a new formula. DJ-ing is about freedom. I don’t want to be the kind of a DJ where everything is prepared, because it’s the same set wherever you go – predictable and not interesting. I don’t want to be a part of it. I am not a commodity, I am an artist.

9. When creating new music, what inspires you?

The sounds themselves, they seem to tell you story and where they want to go, so I try and follow that, every week, every year. When I create my music, it has to be edgy and from the heart, it can't really be something that's obvious, and it can't be something I've heard a million times before so I have to be definitely edgy and it definitely has to be made with integrity. I've been in the studio recently doing remixes and when I make music, most of the time it starts off by accidents. When I feel like I've got enough happy accidents working together, then hopefully I can form it together into something that isn't an accident.

10. Tell us something about Unsubscribe project.

Mr. Jones was sending me lots of quality music. At some point, I realized that I’ve been playing his songs one per week in my radio show. Then I met him at Harlem, a town near Amsterdam and I liked his charm. Our work in studio is cooperation, we both are learning from each other. It’s a perfect way for us both to be even more creative. He has brought a new structure into the studio, less jamming.

We (me and Mr. Jones) have remixed many things (remixes for people like Black Asteroid, Psycatron, Detroit Grand Pubahs). Now we have a remix of Simplicity is Beauty coming up plus a Remix of Octave One due out in a month. There should be some original material due next year too. I’ve never really worked in collaboration with someone before but we balance each other out well. We learn a lot from each other. Nothing is forced, so we can do whatever comes to our mind and we can talk about it. It’s been great. It’s fun. And he brings me lots of coffee.  So, I think the future looks interesting and I’m excited to see what’s next.

12. What if you couldn't perform tomorrow? What would you do with your life?

Wait until the end of the week (today as I fill this in it is Tuesday and I am not playing Wednesday!) Or living a perfect day with my lovely girlfriend cooking me breakfast after I have a bath, sleeping for four hours, then going for a walk together to a record shop, then a steaming hot curry. That’s heaven.

13. What’s next for you? When can we expect new music release?

More remixes and then some more production time again. I go abroad every single week. Well I will still be doing loads of different things, at the moment I am working on something from a British Band called "I am Kloot", I am also working on collaboration between myself Bryan Black and Mr. Jones. On December I’ll play at I love techno festival that always makes me feel very tribal in a good way and privileged. That’s why I’m coming back there for more than 12 times.

14. How much the fact that you grew up on the street affected your music?

It affected my character, although I didn't grow up on the street, I was just unfortunate to spend some time there when I was a kid. I used to tell people when I was working in a shoe shop that I would one day travel the world based on a career in music... I had the drive to go forward. That and the fact I had no chance of any other career at the age of 16 and there was no money for me to go to 6th form to do software engineering...perhaps it was just a dream, but here I am … still living it.

15. You played in Subotica, Novi Sad and Belgrade. What kind of memories do you have from parties in Serbia?

Yep, the first time I was supposed to come to Exit there were problems due to the horrific bomb attack in London, but I made it the next year and loads of people still talk about that gig as it was very special. That was truly special. I remember people that like edgy music and feel the music with passion.

16. For you, is punk state of mind or just music, or both?

I do like a rough edge, just more in my day-to-day attitude and in my production. Punk is just me, and I won't change into a hippy like a lot of them sadly did either. Punk means being independent. I still vibe intensely off the music and the ethos.


Beck'sperience serijal se nastavlja

Dave Clarke obećava dozu moćne energije!


Beck’sperince i Lucky Records Showcase sa ponosom predstavljaju večnog Dave Clarke-a u Beogradu, u subotu, 24. novembra od 22.00 u KPGT-u (Stara šećerana na Čukarici)!


Pored toga što uvek prepoznaje dobru energiju, jak beat i najbolju zabavu, Beck’sperience već godinama oduševljava domaću publiku svetski priznatim imenima elektronske muzike. Ove sezone na radost mnogobrojnih fanova, završetak Beck’sperience serijala 2012 će obeležiti Dave Clarke. Posle niza godina pionir digitalne ere i ikona techno muzike, svoju posebnu energiju donosi u Beograd. Više puta biran za najboljeg DJ-a na svetu, Dave je svoj zanat doveo do nivoa koji inspiriše ljude, a poslednje dve decenije obilazi planetu uzduž i popreko i nastupa pred publikom koja s ponosom ističe da joj on pruža najbolji elektronski funk.

Počeo je karijeru u muzičkom svetu koji se po mnogo čemu razlikovao od današnjeg. Mnogo pre laptop tehnologije koja je preoblikovala muzičku industriju i koja danas vlada, Dave Clarke je zapoceo revoluciju, prigrlio digitalizaciju dok su je njegove kolege izbegavale.

Iako je jedna od najvećih techno legendi, Clarke je uvek bio muzičar sa crtom šarmantnog pankera u duši, kod koga se pronalazi bogatstvo žanrova i stilova, muzičar koji iznova i iznova izaziva da preispitamo svoje sagledavanje njegovog rada.

Ranu elektro eru strastveno je doživljavao. Ukazao je na buduće zvezde kao što su Fischerspooner, Adult, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, mnogo pre njihovog internacionalnog uspeha. Danas se od te vrste elektro zvuka svesno distancirao, mada u njegovim setovima još možemo čuti pravi underground elektro — „prljav“ ali sa šarmom i dosta fanka.

Redovan je gost kultne radijske emisije BBC Essental Mix, domaćin je i sopstvenog radijskog programa White Noise koji se emituje skoro šest godina, i u njemu uživa i veruje da dela inspirativnih umetnika s kojima se susreće treba da deli sa običnim ljudima.

Sudeći po prisutnosti na svetskim muzičkim festivalima, jedan je od najtraženijih danas i ne krije da je srećan zbog toga. Bio je domaćin ovogodišnjeg festivala TomorrowLand u Belgiji o kome blizu 200.000 posetilaca još priča širom sveta. Na njegovoj bini, drugoj po veličini na festivalu, zatvorio je poslednje veče, pred publikom koja je posebno vrednovala njegovo iskustvo, tehniku i ljubav prema muzici.

Septembarsko izdanje časopisa DJ Mag objavilo je svoju listu 100 najvažnijih tehno numera svih vremena, među kojima se nalazi i njegova Red 1. Trilogija Red uticala je na mnogo nas u prošlosti i nastavlja da vrši uticaj na mlade danas, a njemu je donela jednu vrstu oslobođenja i potvrde da treba da gradi karijeru u ovom poslu koji je odabrao i koji voli.

Clarke je nedavno započeo i saradnju s producentom Mr. Jones-om, s kojim je pokrenuo zajednički projekat Unsubscribe. Odabrao ga je zbog muzičkog bogatstva koje poseduje, aktivnosti u studiju i konstantnog kvaliteta. Posle odličnih remiksa numera koje su uradili za umetnike kao što su Boys Noize, Ben Sims, Detroit Grand Pubahs, uskoro nam stižu njihove zajedničke, ali i sveže Dave-ove solo numere.

Dave Clarke nikada nije jurio trendove niti se oslanjao na „napumpani“ publicitet i dizanje buke, koju danas mnogi dižu kako bi prikrili istinu — da nemaju kvalitet, ne rade muziku koju potpisuju, prodaju marketinške laži iza svog imena i reputacije. Zbog toga treba da služi za primer svima koji se prihvate ovog posla.

Ne propustite tradicionalno dobar provod u Beogradu i obezbedite svoje ulaznice za Beck'sperience.

Karte se mogu kupiti na sledećim prodajnim mestima: Bilet servis, Beogradska arena, TC Ušće (info pult), Dom omladine, Dom sindikata, knjižare Vulkan, Delfi i Laguna kao i putem web sajtova www.tickets.rs i www.eventim.rs

Dođite po svoju dozu dobre energije, jer je odbrojavanje do Beck’sperience-a počelo!

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